Monday, March 21, 2011

Is it Black and White

Really you ask.  Black and white?  How about the gray, a humorous side to all this.  Yep my friends I would have to say yes.  Indeed a humorous side exists.

Have you ever noticed that black is a very death reflected color.  Why?  Why when I walk into a group, or look at pictures of grief, black is always indicated in some shape or form.  Whether it is the clothes bound to those in mourning or the binders of information for those who seek hope through groups?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can women our age really start a new life?

The last time I wrote was the beginning of February.  With all the private and public contacts I received, it appears that us widows/widowers made it through the Christmas and New Years just fine.  It wasn't so bad was it!  We may not have been in the position to spend our entire non-fortune on those we love, but we were able to be creative.

It is the "creative" portion of this I would really like to address.  It seems we do all we can to survive by either holding each other up emotionally, or giving each other ideas for approaching our dilemma's.  One dilemma I had been running into head on is the age group in which I fit.  I am seen as "older" and not the young single fresh face to be an energetic representative of a place I  apply for.

Hmmmm.  However, I am single.  I am energetic, and I am resourceful, educated, and have experience in a variety of areas.  I may not be Marylyn Monroe gorgeous, but I don't think I am Lyle Lovett either.  So why suddenly am I too old to have an opportunity the same as any other female no matter the age?  Not to mention men, a majority of men, our age are seeking out much younger women.  Another story different time.  Still this quandary exist quite prominently.  What can I do so I am not stuck in situations that are mindless and boring tasks?