Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Don't Tell Me What to Do.

Thinking back on annoying situations throughout this journey of being "widowed" but not really a "widow" has brought up some incredibly humorous and irritating situations.

Just yesterday I flashed back on a time I made a call to a free psychic.  Just wanted to see; curiosity you know.  The woman on the line didn't even ask my name and immediately spouted off: "You are being cheated on, she is evil, it is destroying your relationship...For 150.00 I can get rid of her without any serious repercussions."  Ohhhh really?  I was stunned and said, "Wow, I guess my deceased husband found a girlfriend."

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Funny how we raise our daughters to be strong.  To say No means No.  Respect yourself.  What was that?


Hey how about learning respect for yourself as being yourself rather than focus on being a widow?

Monday, September 5, 2011

I will survive

One must take the time to question what happened. You especially feel this need when you feel so lost.  Reality is your life has been turned upside down, pulled out from under you, and for some of us, no way to support ourselves.   It affects us in different ways.  Some take vacations, some group with friends. Running to the water was my running toward answers I needed.  Where am I?

Being on ocean, feeling her moods, happy, sad, angry, or just content...this is my "Forest Gump" run.  Suddenly I see a little of myself reappear day by day.  Then the questions begin.  I  managed doing something that not many folks can do.  On spur of moment while ruthlessly working hard, a refreshing splash hits you and you realize, "I will survive"