Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dawn Millen author of "Widowhood 101"
I've chosen to introduce another remarkable widow rather than talk about myself.  This woman is truly remarkable.  She was a caregiver for 20 years.  As we well know, that is a lot of work.  Not only this, she personifies her experience in a book.  A book that was a hope turned real.  "Widowhood 101" was created not only to communicate her experience, but also to assist other widows in our very situation.  More importantly, Dawn shows us that we can in fact reach for our wants and gain them.  This book was her need, her desire, her hope and her star in the sky.  Congratulations Dawn!

Dawn reached her goal and wrote a book about her first year as a widow while she was going through it.  She is just barely over her year mark.  Unlike so many books and "widow" programs out there seeking payment many of us do not have, Dawn has been generous giving it free to some groups.  I would like to recognize her on my blog.  As an E-Book she is only asking a mere 4.99 for her book.  I have been reading "Widowhood 101" and in fact almost completely finished.  With words alone I cannot impress on all of you what her book really says.  It is probably one of the better "widow" books I have ever come across.  It is written to connect with us not write at us.  We are all different.  Dawn is trying to inspire widows and widowers.  Thank-you Dawn for your generosity.

Meet Author Dawn Millen from Australia


Hello everyone, my name is Dawn and I have recently returned to writing after a break of many years due to nursing my husband and raising my family. I was widowed almost 18 months ago and now find I have the time to write again.
The book "Widowhood 101" was written during the first year and a half of widowhood and is just a few of the things I learned during this time. I hope it helps others along this journey.
The poetry in Random Rhyme is a collection of old and new poems and were written for both my own and they enjoyment of others.
I currently live with my dog on a large and untidy block of land in rural Australia. I have a busy life with my family and volunteer work with New South Wales State Emergency Service. I spend many hours writing each day with my dog curled up beside me too.
I look forward to hearing from my readers and thank you for giving me the chance to play a part in your life's journey as you are playing a part in mine.

Regards Dawn

 "Widowhood 101" by Dawn Millen