Thursday, September 16, 2010

TIme to Move On...

Sometimes things take a major turn in our lives. 
On the previous blog, you can see how fast this can happen.  Then its time to put the big girl panties on and keep on moving!

Today I just happened to run into one of my husbands friends.  One who is going to arrange something special with all of Rob friends so they too can do what they need to do.  Why you wonder did this take so long?  Because it has taken me so long to accept I have to let go and move on.  I feel bad its taken so long, but the thing about Rob, he had some good friends who knew him well.  His friends gave me the time and space I needed to deal with this.  It was very sweet of them and really reflects on how much he was loved and cared about.

So I found the perfect bottle Rob gave me.  I collect cool looking bottles and especially fancy perfume bottles found where ever. Its been filled it with ashes for the friend that was his best man at our wedding and he will arrange everything.  I don't know what they'll do, its a guy thing and their thing!  This is their time not mine. 

So even though things really seem real bad for me right now, its not so bad.  I am moving forward, slowly, but still forward momentum.  Getting ashes to his friends is a MAJOR step for me.  It is also a very important event for them.

So forward momentum is good!  It would be nice if it went faster, but its all good, the forward momentum is happening!

It definately takes time to adjust.  It doesn't happen overnight.  For some of us it takes longer than others.  We all need to learn to go at our own pace.  Never feel pressured to go at a  pace you are uncomfortable with.  Take your time to do what you need to do. 

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