Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seasons in Life

I watch out the window at the beautiful snowflakes falling ever so lightly and building up.  The entire ground is now white.  It feels clean and fresh.

So now it is time to reflect.  It is that time of year.  How far have I gotten to clean and start again just like seasons start and finish for the next season. What have I done to "clean" my own closet both physical and mentally.

The void, well, lets remember the void.  Now that I recognized it, slowly but surely, I have embraced it.  I now fill that void.  I do volunteer work, my artwork, and cleaning.   Taking out the old and bringing in the new is not so bad after all.

The shell, well by recognizing my void and embracing it, also it breaks down my shell slowly on a comfortable level.  The volunteering I love to do takes me into the world doing something I feel safe doing.  It also introduces me to new and very interesting individuals.  It challenges my brain and makes me feel more confident in myself.  This takes me into the world of applying for new jobs.  Jobs I can do just scared to get the rejection letter.  Sometimes it takes a lot of no's to get that one yes you wait for.  It's all a part of life.

All in all, with the extreme emotions of the last years, it's not so bad and I am allowing myself to see progress.  I try to allow the negatives to become the positives in my life.

I hope you all are fairing well also and see the progresses you've made since last year.  Sure, it takes awhile, but at least there truly is hope knowing we can retrain ourselves.  We can become alive again!

Thank-you so much for the replies and the many private responses I receive.  It is a humbling and honoring feeling to know that you truly are being a strength or inspiration to others.  Even if it means throwing out your most inner feelings!


  1. Love your reflection on the seasons of's so true. I keep thinking I'm making progress and then I take half dozen steps back. Still can't find the energy to do much with the house and just wish I could push myself to start...that would help, I know.

    Keep writing....I miss when you don't.



  2. I miss you when you do not come around and keep me in shape! Hope you have been well.


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