Monday, December 6, 2010

Did I say I liked Christmas?!!

Well, so far in the past few days, I have accomplished a great deal.  I'm happy I am actually doing something.  Now I am so tired I wonder if I really said the words, "I like Christmas, it's always been my favorite."

What I haven't done:
  • No Christmas decorations.  No biggie.
  • Still have to buy more of those things called Christmas cards.
  • Slept much, but like I really do that well anyway.
What I have done since last blog:
  • Designed, cut out, and have prepared a pair of beaded smoked moose hide slippers.  Now to bead.
  • Picked out material for a dress shirt, it was cotton so washed, dried, and ironed ready to be cut.
  • Picked out material for a fleece jacket to make.  Thank-god it doesn't have to be ironed.
  • Found much of my materials, some I had forgotten I actually had.
  • Gathered all my husbands shirts and gave them to my son.  
Not bad, could be worse.  Oh and I found Mr. Snowman.  You plug him in and he sings Frosty the snow man and moves his head, waves his arms, and you flip a switch, and he just stays happy, well lit, and quiet.  Now this is a man I could share my home with this year!

I also had the honor of helping my daughter with her wedding website.  And dealt with the drama's that start at 7:00 am and last til I shut off my phone at 11:00 so I can get some work done!  Oh and I cleaned the bathroom and did two loads of laundry.  Going through and getting rid of even more!!  Putting them in bags and maybe someone having a yard sale will take them!

Now, if I could just find the money to pay my bills, medications, rent, all that, I think it may be okay for a bit!
Lets see what the next few days bring.  The drama is really dragging me down to a low.  But I am having a better time of dealing with it!  December 6th, I wonder if I'll make it without breaking down?

Hope everyone else is doing a little better too.  I thought I didn't do much, but seems I did more than I thought!  I guess it can be done.  Just when is the sad, lonely and disappointment going to set in?

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