Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Years Today

Three years ago today.  Yes this very day.  Why on earth do I continue to dwell on this day.  The children have all decided to celebrate his birthdate.  That was this same month.  Maybe its time I focused on happier memories instead of dwelling on the actual day.

I reflect today and see a few accomplishments, but also see that I've either held myself back, or timing hasn't been right to move on.  Sometimes situations we have no control over, but I keep trying.

As with anyone else, we must continue to try to continue on the best we can.

Yes, I can see where a birthday remembrance is far more positive than a passing on date.  He fought for life, not death. 

Next year, it will be a birthday and sweet memories instead of the sadness.


  1. Suezanne,

    I love reading your blog as we have so many similarities with each other. I honoured my husband's passing, 3 years ago, Nov. 27th. Strange, how we've walked this journey side by side but miles apart. Like you, I haven't been able to find my place again and still don't know where to start. I've lost interest in "keeping house" and sometimes wonder if I have it in me anymore to try and make a "home." God bless you as you start this journey of the 4th year without....


  2. Hi Mary, welcome back.
    Yes, I see the parallel life we have. Don't you dare give up. I too lost the umph to even keep house. I mean why should I? No one visits, no one but me lives here, on and on. But for my own sanity, I know I must continue and that means cleaning my house!

    Hang in there. Something good has to happen.


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