Thursday, July 28, 2011

Red Sky At Night...

Red sky at night, sailors delight.  I know I've been gone for so long.  I have been fishing.  I have learned a great deal about myself.  Been through bumps, bruises, emotional upsets, emotional highs, and more than that, I learned so much not just about fishing, but, myself.  So the gamble didn't pay off financially, but most definitely paid off psychologically.

It was my opportunity to escape drama only to find myself wrapped up in another drama.  I learned you cannot run from this.  You cannot run and escape from being a widow either.  So I'm keeping this short and letting all know, sometimes, you have to find the strength to just keep going.  No matter what cause running gets you further behind.

I'll let all of you know some of my stories through life.  Some sad, some happy, and some funny.  This will be called "The Sea Gypsy Chronicles."  It will be posted on the side not a part of this part of my blog.  Sea Gypsy Chronicles will be stories that explain how I have been shaped throughout my life, prior to my husbands passing to now and my fishing stories.  Sometimes we can work out a lot of issues and impediments we meet in life by working out our experiences.

It is nice to be back folks.  Very nice.

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  1. Of course, the rest of it is: Red sky at morning, sailor take warning. Good to have you back.


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