Monday, January 9, 2012

Hanging in There...

Well, ya, its been awhile.  Pretty much just settling in and getting a routine down.  Look over the month of December and see what I learned and accomplished  Quite a bit.
Survived a major domestic crisis....check
Survived a major friend "let down/hurt" ending in loss of friendship and a sum I couldn't really afford.  In short I was invited to travel and spend holidays with a friend, and that friend after I made the arrangements and double check prior to, just to be sure, then did not contact me ever again so I did not go.  First clue-when I asked for an address I received a P.O. Box....check
Recognized a manipulative situation and actually followed through with my intuition ended up being a wise choice...check
 Followed through on a plan I really committed too...check
 Spent ALL holidays alone and managed quite well...check
I find that to be enough to be a years worth of progress!  So I'm just here patting my self on the back for handling it all so well.   Biggest lesson of all, trust my intuition.  Its not wacky or off-balance; it always has been and always will be there!

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