Monday, May 2, 2011

We Got That Boom Boom Pow

Who said mature women, who are widows, couldn't have fun?  I beg to differ.  "We got that boom boom pow.  Them chickens jackin our style." 

Ya don't underestimate us mature women.  We'll boom boom pow you off the floor if we want.  "We so 3008 and you so 2000 and late."  We have how many years experience on ya? 

Needless to say, I've been laid up on the couch and can't move.  Its been about three days.  Moving slow now and at least could bend over to pick up the laundry to wash it!   But we won't mention that will we!  My Chiropractor thinks I'm a nut case.  He mentioned something about he's never seen so many vertebra out of line.  Asked me if it was worth it.  I replied, "Ya doc I got that Boom Boom [crack] OW."

I finally broke down and did it.  I went to a local scene I was invited to.  Good God.  They were all the kids I had at slumber parties, in my home for my kids, whom I would say, "would you please turn that crap down?".  I don't know how many years ago!  I really felt the need to ID them all.  But, we had fun!  I stayed a very minimum amount of time before I was seen by too many individuals! 

Gawd I think my hips will never be the same again, but they convinced "mom" (as each of them called me) she's got that boom boom pow.  Whatever that song is talking about.  The grammar itself is horrifying to say the least, but I guess its the thing. 

By the way ladies, go ahead and do the swing you jus givin hip hop a whole new jive!   Just make sure you save up for the extra bill that follows!  I wasn't expecting that expense.  So no more boom boom pow for some time to come!

I had a couple of messages on my phone saying they heard about a Sasquatch sighting downtown and if I possibly had something to do with this rumor.  Nope, wrong person.

I realized, my poor husband.  I've always had that sudden wild side to me.  He would just laugh it off.   The playful spirit I had always made him happy because it was me showing I was happy.  I think he would be laughing his head off right now saying, "Yep she's got that boom boom pow, that's why I married her!"

Ladies, this post is just to let you know, go break loose.  It does a world of wonders.  That precious moment of suddenly feeling happy and playful goes a long way for the soul.  The pain the next day really isn't too bad.  I exaggerated it to some degree.  Point is, go have fun.

If you have children who are grown, go out with them and get your fancy clothes on.  Which now days means your jeans in the back closet with holes and rips.  This is perfectly acceptable.  It was very insightful to hang out with such young individuals.

What was even more touching, these kids could see the pain I've been in mentally.  This was their way of saying they cared.  I never even thought about how my husbands death affected my childrens friends.  He was someone they cared about also and looked up to.  In their own sweet way, they also showed me I was not forgotten and I too was looked up to.  They want to see me happy again.  This was the respectful, playful and tactful way they approached me to have fun with them.  With their generational era.  Very touching.

I feel this has shown a great deal more empathy and compassion than many adults I have been facing.  I cannot reverse my age, but this idea of being who I am, is something I can face if I just keep trying.  Especially when little drops of unsuspecting plots to breath life back into me happen from the most unlikely sources. 

Lets start accepting, moderately I might add, those blessings often overlooked in "small" packages. Go have fun for one night.  Set aside all you have been through and just let go.  If you are a crier when you drink, alcohol is a depressant, have pop in between.  You don't want to go on a downer, you want to have some fun even if only for an hour!   I don't drink, but found I had a grand time.

Perhaps soon I will be brave enough to once again go out with friends!

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We got that boom boom pow


  1. YAY!!! This one made me smile a big Boom Boom Pow smile x

  2. Heaven's it was a blast actually. I never laughed so hard for a long time! Get this, they brought me a CD with weird songs on it! So I play it and clean house!

  3. Son of a gun! Now I'm going to have to go and Google boom boom pow. First, however, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I cried when I read about the note from your husband. I'm so lucky, I have 134 letters that Gwen wrote to me the year before we were married. (I'ts a long story.) In every single one the words "I love you." appear at least once. Comforting. So glad she was a compulsive saver and tucked all those letters away somewhere safe. Back to boom boom pow, I was a guidance counselor for many years. Another counselor and I took a group of about 10 high school senior women to Iowa for the internment of their friend's remains. She had been killed in a traffic accident. We stopped at a rest area, and they all piled out and began doing the macirena (sp?) on the sidewalk. As you say, hang around young kids, it keeps one young. TMI?

  4. OK, so I Googled it. I consider myself a Black Eyed Peas fan, but only recently. I love "Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night." Stay young.


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