Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freud was not Female

So at this point in time folks are probably thinking...geez get off it already.  No I won't.  Today is my anniversary, which isn't really an anniversary anymore.  If that isn't enough to convince you, today is the day I always got to do what I wanted because I was appreciated and loved. 

Wonderful thing is that even though its my anniversary that isn't an anniversary anymore, it is still my today and I can do what I want with it!  Isn't it wonderful how that works!

So today this is what I did.  I built a small fire, since I have to burn a bunch of stuff anyway, and wrote on a note..."Damn that Freud" and put it in the fire!

Yes, amazing how much better I feel!  I now feel like working on my resume.

Right now I smell like campfire and I have my son's Stevie Rae Vaughn hat on!
I was thinking about an acquaintance I know.  He makes rules when he doesn't like what someone is doing.  The rules point to behavior.  They are absolutely hilarious at times, but make total sense.  I suppose it is also time for me to make rules.

So today for my anniversary, that is no longer my anniversary, I've made some decisions.  I've added some "rules" to my today, and my life.  Notice the "my" in all this.

Am I Truly a Widow Lama Rules:
  • Rule 101.  Thank-you for the support.  It is appreciated.  When your support turns critical, please refer to rule 101.  Rule 101: Constructive criticism accepted.  Flat out criticism not allowed.  Do so at your own risk.
  •  Rule 352.  Hate to burst your bubble but, we no longer live in the Victorian Era and if you can't understand that, how about Freud was never a female.  It's alright that I'm dysfunctional or neurotic at times.  We all are.  BUT if you so much as to even allow an accusation of severe mental illness cross your lips--Refer to Rule 352.  Rule 352:  I have a sense of humor.  It may be odd and I may be odd and slightly dysfunctional but, I happen to like myself and my family loves me the way I am.  If you have a problem with that, then please go take one of your own pills.  Don't forget to choke when you do.
Well, that is all for rules today!  I will be adding more as individuals who insist on infringing on my territory in a mean and negative way will force me to create more stupid rules.  I hate rules, but guess we have to have them don't we?  I am not going to allow snide, awkward, unnecessary, and unreasonable comments affect me anymore.  Also please note, if you compare me to anyone else in a negative manner, I will put a stop to it, and you may not like how I do so.

Oh and by the way, those of you who have not a clue what losing a spouse means...and to those of you who "found" my identity and are in absolute appallment over the my words, have you ever heard the phrase relating to a rats behind?  If you don't understand what I am going through, if you do not think my behavior is appropriate or lady like, if you have some sort of critical appeal to make a snide comment, then go find a rat.


  1. Hey! Why don't you tell us how you really feel. As for Freud, I can take him or leave him, he filled a need for his times. I'll always love his quote that "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." I have a different kind of "anniversary" coming up; on June 8 Gwen and I would have been married 48 years. I'm so damn mad that we didn't make it to 50.

  2. I can see why your mad. That just isn't right.


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