Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guardian Angels

Don't know about anyone else, you believe in Guardian Angels?  I definitely have more than one I believe.  What throws me off is...

Someone else saw my Guardian Angel when I did not.  I don't think that was a Guardian Angel.  I had way too many odd things happen today for that to have been a Guardian Angel.

In one of my previous posts I had written about my husband who is now a mature eagle.  Well he never really left per se.  In fact, he is stronger than ever.  Especially if what happened happened, which it did, he is not gone, he has truly matured but never left me as I thought.  He just changed his appearance and now has gone into protection mode.

Eagles are highly protective of their young and their loved ones.  Most are actually monogamous, but not necessarily true especially if one passes away.  The remaining will find a new mate.  Sometimes.  Not always, but usually.  My husband is an eagle.  I saw him and have fostered him for four years.  This year I watched as he changed and went on his way letting me know all was well for him now.

It was at this time I assumed that would be the last of contact.  He is well on his way and I understood he has a new life now.  How right yet wrong I was all at the same time.

Today, I was going through more stuff.  At one time I cried because all of my husband's pictures were gone.  They were stolen.  The computer and my camera.  But today I found a disc and thought, hmmm what is this and wah lah.  Pictures of him in his last year with us.

I cried because for two years, two years this has weighed so heavily on my heart.  My pictures.  Our pictures gone.  When that disc showed up I cried because it was such a relief.  I had been harboring such sick feelings all over the pictures.  I am amazed i backed it up and just happen to put the disc away.  A sudden feeling of warmth flooded over me, and I saw him smiling at me saying, "See honey, its gonna be okay."

Then, the real odd event.  Sitting on a bench just biding my time and thinking things through, a stranger sat next to me.  Not close, but next.  It is tourist season.  Not uncommon.  He began to speak to me and seemed very nice and I was answering his questions about eagles, and ocean, our lives, our history, etc.  Mind you casual conversation and he had NO idea I was widowed, single, divorced or anything.  Suddenly I saw out of the corner of my eye something seemingly to fly by.  Thought it was a shadow of a raven. 

The man said, "Did you see that?  Do you see that?"
I asked him what?
"The shadow.  The shadow just now."
"Oh" I replied, "think it was just a raven flying by."
"No, don't you feel it?  Its here between us.  Right in the middle."  the man was befuddled and I was too. 
I smiled and said, "Ah, that would be my husband.  He's only being protective, Thank-you honey"  and I took that as my cue to move on and go on a hike away from people.  Reflection.

It wasn't my Guardian Angel, as I feel my Guardian Angel, this was different.  I didn't feel it, but the person next to me was EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  He was in fact frightened.  I thought about it and there is only one person who has ever had that type of power over anyone.  It was my husband.  He was a far better judge of character than I.  I'm too nice and will get sucked into crap all the time.  Been working on this, but I'm friendly.  The look on that man's face.  I know that look.  My husband could strike fear into individual with his deep fiery brown eyes. 

It appears the Eagle now feels the need to give strength back so I can heal.  Yet, he remains with those whom he belongs.  The sudden "knowing" of such a formidable force, I had not to fear, but obviously, someone else did.  It led me to believe, that was his protective way of saying, get away go now. 

Thank-you honey for being there to protect me while I relearn how to protect myself by listening to my inner voice.  I will now work harder at focusing and yes, you are right, I can do this.  Thanks for being proud of me.


  1. It is good to see the change in tone in this post. You are your usual creative self, but I also sense a note of optimism. I believe what you say about the eagle; Gwen and I also had a great relationship with them. I talked about eagles when I gave a eulogy at her mother's funeral.

  2. P. S. Perhaps you might enjoy this early posting of mine


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