Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tripp on Dis...

Get the funk outta my face.  Ya, get it out of my face!  Amazing how we go through some serious funks.  It seems worse after my husband passed.  Seriously, it's not like I'm perpetually a downer.  Really I like to have fun, I like to feel good and I like to be me.  Whatever it is at that particular time!

I realized I really miss having someone to share the fun with!  It's not that I'm a downer and don't have fun, it's just that I'm never invited to go have fun, so I have to create my own fun.  Since no one wants to hear what I've been up to...well I go in a funk.  It reminds me there is no one here that cares like my husband.  Plus, what is up with that?  He's supposed to be here.

That's the problem, I have no one to share fun with.

I truly wonder if this is why so many widows and widowers will fall into a funk that is hard to break away from.  Usually when we are happy or having fun, there was someone to share it with, that cared! 

I get out of my "funk" and then am doing really great, but who is there to care.  When I should be enough to care, I haven't reached that stage yet where it is alright to just appreciate my own efforts without sharing the feeling of accomplishment with someone.  Its very disappointing.

I especially resent when I have to support people who have someone who cares out of their "funk" and yet, no one is there to help me out of mine!  I now nominate Snoop Doggy Dog to watch over me and put in my head, "Get your funk outta my face" and "If you don't like my music you don't have to use it."  He did the remake well I feel and with shnazz. 

Snoop Doggy Dog, you are the fizzizles snakizzles.  Whatever it is that you say. The dude of all savvy coolness that be.

I'm gonna funk my way on to the Post Office!  Who knows I may have a check waiting for me from Ed Macman.  My husband invested for years.  If I get one, I'll be sure to do a floor dance then grab my crotch saying "Uh...I'm a winner."  I'll smile when everyone gives me the "the crazy widow is losing it again" and dance on out shaking my behind at them singing... "Hey get your funk outta my face...If you don't like my music you don't have to use it!!!

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