Sunday, June 19, 2011

She calls for a reason, she feels the pain...

She feels my hurt, my sorrow, my pain.  So softly she calls, and I move her way.  Like a fury from where, she can call out your name.  With her gentle caress she can sooth your soul or suddenly disappear causing an end.  She is her own master, her strength is unknown, but rear her head and of those dispose.

Am I frightened, of course.  As you read this I will be on my way to places unknown.  I will be fishing.  I am being given my chance.  She called and she called, only she knows what is to be.  For so long now, I've looked to her.  I never knew what she was trying to tell me.  I am trying to listen.  She has something to say.

I do not know what is in mind for me, but I do know, this fell into my lap.  Literally.  I cannot help but think someone watching over me knows I have something to learn from her.  After-all he knows the call.

Pray for my safety, pray all is well.  Pray that I find that which is to be found.

My sorrowed friends, it may seem odd yes, but this is not only emotional, but also spiritual.  You know the turmoil.  The wondering who we are and what we are.  Why we must question this within ourselves, I do not know.  I think we all do though.  It's reasonable.  We have our entire world yanked out from under us.  Then we have to find our footing again.  How do you find solid ground when its been taken away?

Well, wish me good fishing.  Most of all, ask the master to be merciful.  She is and has been, and she is wise.  She's got a temper though.  She too has a fury inside that just comes forth.  It is who she is.

I just know I must follow this.  Out of nowhere it happened.  I've been trying to control that which cannot be controlled.  I have done all I can the way I am told or the way others think I now it is time   It is time for me to just wind down, and go with an uncertain path and accept that path.  Step into the unknown.  I've tried it the "normal" way, it did not go so well for me and left me crumpled.

It was just two days ago when someone very drunk walked up to me and said, "Where are you?"  I just looked at them like, HUH?????

Where are you?  You had a fierce yet compassionate heart.  Where are you?

Guess we're about to find that out aren't we.  Cause ya know what?  He was right...where am I?

Going Fishin
In more ways than one.

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  1. I thing this is exciting news for you--Godspeed, and I will keep you in my prayers.


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