Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who am I?

I've received so many private comments asking me, who are you really?!!  Are you sure you want to know?  Mystery is a lot of fun you know!

Well honestly, haven't you been reading?  This is who I am.  Why do I do this anonymous?  Because I can.  Sometimes its easier to speak your mind, especially living in a very tiny town, without the hassles of being stopped and condoned for your every thought.

So, I went on a search.  Who am I?  I mean really.  I keep telling all of you I am an individual and always have been.  A part of myself never disappeared even ADS (After Death of Spouse).  So I changed my look of my site to make it a little more reflective of who I am.

Green is a growing color.  It signifies life.  We see plants, if they are alive, they are most likely green in some way.  It just brings comfort and life it seems.  I created this blog site in hopes to breath life back into some of us who really need to be reminded, we do have life.  Its just real hard to figure it all out right now.  In life there is no right or wrong.

Yes, I have some incredibly weird, and sometimes harshly philosophical questions I analyze constantly.  I can say I am my own worse critic, and this is the reason my feeling are hurt so easily.

Then I look all around and I see these gorgeous picture of individuals who look absolutely fabulous!  I would put my picture up too if I was that neat.  But you see my profile picture?  Yes, the one with my back and I'm staring off in a distance?  Well truth be known, that is me, doing precisely what I do.  The ocean is my life.  She soothes me and has been there through ALL my grief.  She listens, and not once has she glazed her eyes over at me.  She's angry like me sometimes.  We have so much in common.

Also, I am an artist.  That's right.  I just recently lost another job, not a clue what happened, but no reason to dwell on it.  Another loss I'll have to deal with emotionally.  Just went to the specialist to find out, my life is going to make yet another dramatic change.  But my art is something, I do not lose and if it changes, its always a positive event.  It is with me always.  So, I do a lot of art and yes I even have an Etsy site and sell at bizarres and through others.

Oh, did you know, I have a Masters in Herbal Health Sciences!  Certified and can practice.  Plus I am an aromatherapist, although not certified yet.

Was an anthropologist for many years.

So just to be a little bit "more" human, since dumping my thoughts are not enough for some...I am turning a "leaf" per se.  A new season has come and I must adjust now.

From here on out, I will put a post of my picture on my blog posts!  This will remind you who I am, because although I do not have a picture of meticulous grooming and profile, it certainly tells you in a picture of who I am.

I am she who takes comfort in the simple things in life.  I am what you see.  But inside, I am incredibly deep.  Very "nature" oriented, and actually quite easy going!

I'd like to visibly introduce you to "A Widow's Perspective" and the person behind the scene.

You see, exactly as I said, you see what I am, you get what you get!  A plain ole person who lives a complicated but simple/stressful life surrounded by natures beauty!

Also known as Wandering Herb Botanicals which I am trying to get started, and also known as Sea Gypsy Art: Sea Gypsy Art 
Hey its a start and a big one for me.  I've been doing this most my life, and when my better half left and moved on with his new life, I had all but abandoned my individuality.  My work.  So for the first time, I begin again in baby steps!

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